Sustainable Design

Too many products today are designed and produced to fail, and fail quickly. For manufacturers the practice of planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence stimulates demand by returning consumers to the market for the same product more frequently. Their plan trusts consumers will spend more money buying cheaply produced, and therefore less expensive products with a limited useful life, much more often.

Planned obsolescence is rampant in the vacuum manufacturing industry: the use of cheap, low-grade plastic components is compounded by producers pricing necessary maintenance supplies and parts comparable to the vacuum’s replacement cost. The fact that so many manufactures have merged together and adopted this principal says one thing. It has worked for them. And most producers who did not engineer failure into their designs, failed themselves because they were priced out of the mass market.

At Vacuums & More and we believe in sustainable design and products with a long useful life. We seek out designs, manufactures, suppliers, and customers committed to helping us achieve this goal. We look to producers here in the United States and Europe to guarantee long-term accessibility to supplies.

All machines have wearable components and a vacuum cleaner is no different. Some combination of bags, belts, filters, and brushes along with a little operator care will be needed to maintain it’s useful life. Our vacuums utilize more durable materials like stainless steel and rubber in these wearable components, low-cost replacement bag and filter options, as well as user-friendly design to help you maintain your machine.

Investing in a well made, sustainable vacuum cleaner gives our customers the advantage of achieving a deeper clean and a healthier home while consuming less and spending less on their cleaning needs.

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