Miele’s latest innovation has been the introduction of their first full-size, German-made upright vacuum cleaner. After 10 years and $70 million spent in research and development, Miele launched their S7 upright in 2008 to rave reviews. They used the same time tested components found in their canister vacuum cleaners and transformed them into an upright configuration. So now, whether you are partial to an upright or a canister design, you can have the same Miele quality in whichever format you prefer.


The patented swivel neck found on all S7 uprights not only allows the vacuum to maneuver better than any other upright on the market, but it also allows the vacuum cleaner to lay flat against the floor needing only a 7-inch clearance to vacuum underneath furniture and beds.

All S7 uprights come equipped with 13 feet of on-board hose as well as a stainless steel telescopic wand.

There are three tools integrated into the back of each machine that include a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool.

The hose is also equipped with a brilliant anti-tipping lock mechanism at the bast of the hose. When engaged, the user can confidently pull against the hose to reposition the vacuum cleaner without it falling over.

Finger tip controls at the top of the handle allow the user to turn the machine on and off as well as choose carpet or hard floor mode without the need to bend down and adjust settings.

All S7 models feature an automatically adjusting roller brush that seamlessly contours to the type of flooring on which it is operating. From a smooth floor, to a deep-piled rug, the height of the vacuum will adjust to clean any surface effectively and effortlessly.

The brush is also operated by an dedicated motor turning it an astonishingly fast 4,800 RPM. A geared belt and jam-detecting sensor also eliminate the need to ever change a belt.

A disposable, sanitary dust bag made from 9-ply polly spun cotton with an automatically sealing door keeps dirt, debris, and allergen triggers trapped inside the bag.

Also, its 6 liter capacity and top fill design make it one of the largest bags on the market.

Miele’s famous Active HEPA filter, which earned the first HEPA Certification in vacuum technology, comes standard on all of the S7 vacuum models we feature. (It is not standard on the Twist model.)

Variable speed suction control is a useful feature to have when you need to clean delicate objects like curtains, upholstery, and lamp shades. It also aids in vacuuming small area rugs or deeply piled carpet. On these jobs, turning down the amount of suction power being produced by the vacuum motor actually makes the machine work more effectively.

All of the S7 models include this feature, however the manner in which you change the settings does differ.

The S75xx models feature electronic controls, an illuminated panel, and are operated using the +/- buttons on either side of the display. They also feature an automatic setting whereby the vacuum will self-regulate the suction power using sensors that detect the level of air flow. These models also feature a 50-hour timer for the HEPA exhaust filter to take the guess work out of knowing when the filter should be changed.

The S72xx models feature more simplistic controls that are operated via a dial. They do not have the automatic suction setting, nor do they feature the timer for the HEPA filter.

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