Pet Cleaning

Pet owners demand more from their vacuum cleaner and should invest in a machine designed for long-term durability and easy maintenance. Manufacturers know pet owners purchase vacuums more frequently and therefore market models toward the pet-loving demographic. But often times, these pet packages are just like the cheaper models only outfitted with additional attachments. None of their mechanics are any better or stronger. They will last as long and perform as poorly as their less-expensive counterparts not branded with a “Pet” or “Animal” lable.

True pet-friendly vacuums should be built with components made from ABS production grade thermoplastics, stainless steel, and rubber, rather than cheap light-weight PVC plastics. These materials can take abuse from heavy pet hair and more frequent use, all while giving your home a deeper, more effective clean.

Supplies should also be affordable and easy to change. Because pet owners need to service their vacuum more often than normal users, they should look for machines that are simple and user friendly to maintain. This includes designs allowing easy access to the roller brush and belt. The roller brush system is essential in pulling pet hair out of carpets and rugs. It is also the primary place hair gets trapped by tangling itself around these moving components. All vacuum roller brushes needs occasional maintenance, but brushes that are larger in diameter and turn faster are less likely to become tangled in hair and other long fibers.

The other design element pet owners should look for is an affordable, high-capacity, disposable bag. Yes, pet owners should utilize a bag. Here is my reasoning: The easiest way to service any vacuum is by either cleaning or changing it’s primary filter, and this service should be preformed at least every couple of months. In bagged vacuum design this service is preformed by throwing the old bag away and installing a new one. But with baggless design the process is much more involved. The heavy particle separator or “dirt-cyclone” should be disassembled, washed and allowed to dry. Additionally there are usually foam and or screen filters that also need washed and take many hours to thoroughly dry.

When these two basic services are not preformed often, any vacuum will slowly loose power and become ineffective. It tends to happen more frequently in homes with pets because the vacuum is utilized more. Gimmicky attachments are not the answer to better pet hair removal. Better design and higher quality components are the only elements that can actually improve a machines performance. Although some unique and clever attachments do make specific cleaning challenges easier. Check out our “Customize It” section and learn how to further diversify and customize a vacuum’s cleaning abilities.

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