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At Vacuums & More and we believe service sets us apart. Every vacuum and specialty cleaner requires some level of service and maintenance to perform well and operate efficiently. Often these jobs are done at home when you change the bag, filters, and possibly the vacuum’s belt, and we can help you learn how to properly care for your equipment.

Regular service and maintenance that can be easily performed by the user is the number one feature of our most durable machines and a characteristic we look for in every cleaner’s design.

But when a problem is more complicated and needs a professional, we are here to help. Read through our Service Menu for a better understanding of our different rates and services available, and refer to the Repair FAQ’s to find the answers to the most common questions concerning the repair process. You can also contact us or stop in for free Guru troubleshooting and a free estimate.

Service Menu

Full Service + Cleaning:
When we perform a full service with cleaning on your machine, it will be disassembled and washed in a deodorizing, anti-microbial bath, thoroughly dried to prevent mold or mildew from growing, and reassembled with any new parts installed at one flat service fee. A Full Service + Cleaning fee is applied to all repairs that are addressing multiple service issues. This charge will vary according to make and model, but will be accessed before service is rendered.

Bench Labor:
These lower rates are applied to repairs that only address one singular service issue and do not entail major disassembling of the machine. Not all repairs are eligible for a bench labor rate. Please contact us if you need any further information or a quoted rate given a specific model and repair needed.

Cord Repair:
Electrical power cord problems are typical. Cords are run over, caught in doors, and chewed by dogs. When this happens we change the entire cord and attach it in the same manner as the manufacturer. We cannot change cord ends only. Cord repairs usually fall under the Bench Labor rate excluding automatic-rewind cords and some specialty models that require a Full Service.

Belt Change:
The most common service needed is a belt change. We offer special low service rates when that is the only needed service and can be accomplished with minimal labor. The old belt is removed and we clean the belt shaft to remove any burnt on rubber. We then remove the brush, vacuum the tray, and reinstall the brush with a new belt. This is a free service on vacuums purchased through Vacuums & More or

In-Home Service Call:
Sometimes in-home service calls are necessary to address certain issues, especially with built-in central vacuum systems. These rates apply to Indianapolis and the greater metro area. Please contact us fro a free quote with troubleshooting. A minimum of one labor hour will be applied to all in-home service calls with the exception of unit pick-up only.

Pet Deodorization:
If you have pets and need further deodorization above and beyond the standard Full Service + Cleaning, you can add additional deodorization on to any full clean & service. The cleaning process is taken one step further and all washable components are a soaked additionally in an enzyme bath before being dried and reassembled.

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