Dyson Service

Because Dyson vacuums are so popular and one of our most often serviced vacuum manufacturer, we offer special savings packages on their common service needs. Every package features our Full Service + Cleaning. We will disassemble and wash the dust cyclone, all dirty air paths, as well as clean and deodorize the primary filter, hose assembly, and attachments.

Your Dyson will be returned to you completely refurbished and working like it did they day you brought it home. This level of service will increase the useful life of your Dyson vacuum, maintain it’s high level of suction power, improve filtration, and renew it’s ability to pick-up pet hair.

Dyson Packages – All packages Include Full Service + Cleaning
DC 07/14/33 ModelsPrice
HEPA Filter & Lower In-Take Hose: $79.95
Belt/Clutch Assembly & Lower In-Take Hose: $84.95
Brush Roll, Belt/Clutch Assembly, & Lower In-take Hose: $124.95
The Works Package Combination: $164.95
DC17 Animal ModelsPrice
Geared Belt Change: $64.95
HEPA Filter: $79.95
Geared Belt w/ HEPA Filter: $84.95
Brush Roll w/ Geared Belt: $99.95
The Works Package Combination: $129.95
DC15/25 Ball ModelsPrice
HEPA Filter: $84.95
Brush Roll: $84.95
The Works Package Combination: $119.95

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