Warranty Claims

At Vacuums & More and theVacuumGuru.com we will honor the manufacturer’s limited and extended warranty on any purchase. Many of our machines are covered for 5 years or more of free extended warranty. We are also authorized warranty repair centers for Riccar, Miele, Beam, Lindhaus, Electrolux Central Vacuums, and IQ Air purifiers.

We provide any and all parts needed to complete the warranty repair at absolutely no charge to our customers during the warranty coverage. We also provide the necessary labor at our retail centers. If you are not near one of our retail centers, because you purchased from an authorized on-line dealer, our manufactures have local dealers that should be able to help.

You also have access to Guru troubleshooting in store, by phone, or online via skype and facetime. Warranty claims can be processed through troubleshooting communication and shipped directly to you. When they arrive, we can help walk you through installation.

TheVacuumGuru.com will cover the shipping costs of warranty claims filed within the first (1st) year of limited warranty on all online purchases. After one (1) year the purchaser will be billed for shipping costs on extended warranty part claims. Items purchased in-store are not eligible for free warranty claim shipping.

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