Vacuums & More and theVacuumGuru.com is a second-generation family operated vacuum and cleaning supply retailer and service center in Indianapolis, IN established 1983. We offer our customers the latest innovations in cleaning technology and back it with an impeccable service record.

Only The Best Vacuums

At Vacuums & More and theVacuumGuru.com we focus on supplying only the most sustainable and durably designed vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment from manufacturers focused on these principles. Manufacturers focused on mass marketing, advertising, and who pass those costs along to their customers, have no place in our store. We believe our basic cleaners will have a cost effective sustainable life of at least 10 years and our most advanced machines can last 20 years or more, all while doing a superior job cleaning your home and providing a healthier indoor environment.

Our Commitment To You

But it takes an ongoing relationship between you the customer, and us the service provider, to achieve these goals. We begin by supplying you with good information and demonstration so you can make the best decision to solve your cleaning needs and satisfy your budget. We continue by providing ongoing service both in store and online with guaranteed access to supplies, fast effective vacuum maintenance and repair, plus free access to Guru troubleshooting to help you solve problems and give estimates.

Local Convenience, Local Service

An alternative to “big-box-store” quality and lackluster service does exist and you will find it here. And unlike Amazon, TheVacuumGuru.com is an authorized Internet retailer of all the products we sell. We honor the manufacturer’s warranty on any purchase and honor the same return policy we have in the store.

When you shop here you will see a different approach to cleaning, and a higher standard of performance. We hope given better information and more resources, our customers will be able to affordably maintain a cleaner home. At Vacuums & More and theVacuumGuru.com, we believe a clean home is a healthy home, and healthy homes produce happy, healthy families. We will be here everyday to help you achieve it.