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Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

Riccar vacuum cleaners come in a variety of designs and costs. They are manufactured by the number one floor care company producer in North America. Riccar makes a vacuum for every household.

Riccar Supralite Upright Vacuum Cleaners Chart


Riccar’s ultra lightweight design allows for easy, efficient cleaning and even comes in a cordless version! If you are interested in owning a Riccar vacuum, check out the SupraLite line.

Try the Cordless for the most power and cleaning available in a cordless upright vacuum cleaner!

*Only available in-store


Vibrance, our most diverse line offers everything from entry level to ultra premium units to clean hard surfaces, carpets and hard to reach places. These upright vacuums represent the core durability and power for which we are known. The vibrance represents the classic Riccar vacuum cleaner.

*Only available in-store

Riccar Vibrance Upright Vacuum Cleaner Chart
Riccar Tandem Air Upright Vacuum Cleaner Chart


The Tendem Air is our most innovative cleaning design combines a dual motor system with the longest on-board hose to clean everything from stairs to soft carpet to all hard flooring types.

*Only available in-store


Riccar’s commercial vacuum cleaner line is built to withstand rigorous, daily use.

*Only available in-store

Riccar Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner Line
Riccar Central Vacuum System, Riccar Central vacuum


The Riccar central vacuum system line has a unit designed to work in every style of home. Come and see why owning a Riccar central vacuum is such a treat!

*Only available in-store