Miele Appliances

Come experience our live Miele Kitchen Appliance Center at Vacuums & More – Indianapolis. Each display model is used daily in the store giving us the ability to share our first hand experience. 
Whether you are replacing one appliance or redesigning your entire kitchen, Vacuums & More can help you sort through your options and order the correct Miele for you. 
We work with a Miele Trained Installer guaranteeing a white glove experience from start to finish. As a bonus, all appliances purchased and installed with us will receive an extra year of manufacture warranty.
Come experience the difference of shopping small with Vacuums & More – Indianapolis today. 


Miele Food Cooling System, refrigerators
Miele Refrigerator

Miele’s unique French Door refrigerator and freezer combine high-end design, impressive innovations, and unrivaled convenience. All these are designed meet your exact requirements for everyday food storage.


Miele 36in Stove and range hood, Cooking 36 inch range with grill
Miele Range & Ovens

Our built-in ovens come in a range of sizes for a perfect fit and results that are simply delicious. This is true no matter what you love to cook.

Miele’s revolutionary Range Series allows for a multitude of power and size configurations, optimizing your cooking experience. Additionally, our unique set-up ensures flexibility and flawless results whether you’re cooking with gas, electric or induction.


Miele White Dishwasher
Miele Dishwashers

Because Miele dishwashers make your dishes sparkle with excellent cleaning results and clever details, they make everyday work simpler.


Miele Built-in Coffee Systems
Miele Coffee System

Every cup of coffee is personal and refined with Miele’s Coffee System. Using features like adjustable grind settings in addition to an integrated frothing system, our machines create something to satisfy even the most inspired barista.

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Joel Robinson – This place is INCREDIBLE!!!!! Staff is super knowledgeable and friendly! I looked everywhere for Miele dishwasher and they were the only ones around that had it. It was worth the hours I drove to see them. They went over everything with regard to the dishwasher and it’s functions. These guys are a testament to knowing your products and getting to know your customers! In a big city this was a small town feel and but felt like I was speaking to technical experts!

James Prentiss – Great experience. We love the dishwashers. Ryan and Kyla were incredibly helpful. We are looking forward to returning to this store for additional Miele products!

David Jones – Great service. Only place around with Miele appliances. Kayla and her brother were very helpful and accommodating. Will definitely go back when the time comes.