Maison Berger

Catalytic Home Fragrance Lamps

The Lampe Berger is a patened, burner lamp that purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed spaces.

Trusted by French hospitals and households for over a century, our patented technology is far preferable to a typical oil fragrance based lamp, as it more efficiently and evenly disperses our heavenly home fragrance while very effectively eradicating bacteria and eliminating unwanted odor.

A Lampe Berger is also intended to act as a decorative sculpture. Created by some of the world’s most renowned designers, each unique object will elicit a specific feeling, and will add to the beauty and mood of your home.

Explore the collection in-store to clean your air and add a touch of French home perfume to your space.

What do they do? They burn a patented 72% medical-grade isopropyl alcohol fuel that is infused with fragrance and made in France. The isopropyl alcohol disburses from the catalytic burner into the air and destroys harmful, odor causing particles while delivering an amazing fresh scent available in a wide variety of fragrances. A single lamp will cover about 500 square feet. 

How much does it cost? A starter kit is $50 and contains the original style lamp and 250ml of fragranced fuel. The gift sets are $68 and contain a decorative lamp and 250ml of fuel. The individual decorative lamps range in price from $55-$130 (most are around $70). The fuel bottles are $40/liter and $24/500ml with the expectation that a liter will last for 1 month using the lamp daily for 30 minutes.