We all form this amazing and loving relationship with a furry, slobbering, messy monster in our life. Of course I am talking about our beloved pets. Cats, dogs, birds. We bring them home, love them, buy them toys, treats and fluffy beds and in return they love us back. But their love can be messy. Paw prints, hair, accidents. How are we supposed to keep up with it? Here is your Friendly Guide to Cleaning with a Pet.

Guide to Cleaning with a Pet Tip #1: Find the Right Vacuum for Your Space

Eliminating the frustration of picking up after the pet hair regularly can put your home life much more at ease. Wouldn’t you love to walk in the house and not see the clumps of hair piled around the furniture legs or sit on the couch and not have your clothes covered in dander and hair?

To do this you need a deep cleaning vacuum that has great carpet, hard surface and tool cleaning capabilities. I want you to look beyond the marketing ploy of “Animal” or “Pet Hair Eraser” and search for true durability. Does it have a metal roller brush with natural fiber bristles combing through your carpet? Does the manufacture make all of the parts available for repairs? I’ve got you covered here.

The Riccar Tandem Air line is a duel motor upright vacuum that combines height adjustment and the longest on-board hose to allow for all surfaces to be cleaned. Lower the height and turn off the roller brush to pick up even the smaller particles on any hard surface. Raise the height and turn on the roller brush to clean the carpets with it rotating over 4800 times each cubic feet per minute (that’s a lot of agitating!) Pair this with a 17 ½ foot hose and you’ve got all jobs covered.

Looking for something a little lighter weight? How about a Miele canister! I’m keeping the same duel motor system with height adjustment and great tool work but now the floor supports the heavy part. The maneuverability of a canister vacuum means when your bedroom is carpeted you can still vacuum under the bed where all those dust bunnies and hair tumble weeds hide. Canister cleaning means you can be more detailed with your cleaning. There is no obstacle you’ll come across that can’t be overcome.

Guide to Cleaning with a Pet #2: Accident Treatment

Listen, accidents happen but they don’t have to ruin your day. Let’s say your loving, little angel can’t hold it and you come home to your new rug stained. What do you do?

I suggest Unique Natural Products Pet Care Line. This is a USA made product that is a live bacteria not a chemical. Why does that matter? First off, it’s safe. If your pet gets into it, you don’t need to worry. Secondly, science. Bacteria eats waste and organic material and multiplies when you apply it. The result when you create a wet environment and give it a food supply (anything organic) is instead of masking a stain with a chemical you are actually removing it! Got to love science.

Guide to Cleaning with a Pet #3: Wet & Muddy Paw Prints

Spring is a beautiful time of the year but it’s also a very wet time of the year. We want our animals to have the chance to go outside and play without panicking about the clean up when we let them back in. This Bionic Wet Mop by Hizero is the most convenient and easy to use product on the market. I mean its cordless and does the work for you! What else can you ask for? Simply charge and fill up the clean water reservoir and go. The Hizero will dispense clean soapy water while agitating your hard surface with a soft foam roller brush, pick up dirty water and separate the solid from liquid waste for easy disposal and clean up. Hold please while everyone goes and throws their mop and bucket in the garbage. Say goodbye to too much work and hello to clean floors!

All in all every household and pet situation is going to be different but I hope these 3 ideas helped. Find the right vacuum, keep accidents from making a stain and don’t worry about those hard surfaces when you have a cordless mop doing the work for you. If this information helped please feel free to share!